Thursday, November 3, 2011

At the pumpkin patch.

We ended up getting 75lbs. worth of pumpkins!

My mom got these glow wands for the kids for Halloween but we forgot to get them.

We had them out the other day and we had to leave the house dark the whole day so they could play with them.

Us at Aaron's work for trick or treating.

Me and the kids at Sharon's work for trick or treating.

Olivia would not let me get a good picture of her in her costume.

So this is the back of her as she is looking at the water fountain.

We waited until the last minute so this is what we came up with for Aaron.

He was supposed to be a Geisha but I don't know what this is.

He ended up winning best cross dresser at work and got a $50 gift card to Best Buy.

At the ward trunk or treat.

Tristan painting our little pumpkins.

"Olivia" painting her little pumpkin.

Everyone's having so much fun!


Olivia trying to be big and carry the pumpkins.

The animals at This is the Place kept trying to eat her tutu.

I didn't get a picture but the cow actually was chewing on it and I had to literally yank her away and a worker had to come and help get the cow to move away from us.

Her first pony tail!

She has the whole playground at the Zoo and this is what she chooses to play with.

We went to Thanksgiving Point to do some "digging" but the site was closed so we went to the ice cream shop instead.

Olivia is eating her ice cream cone with a spoon.

She kept going back and forth between the bowl and her cone.

In an egg at Hogle Zoo.

Olivia loves this spot.

We got this from our neighbor and still haven't done anything with it.

She loves that she can climb on it and it's her own space.

She will even fight Tristan off of it if he tries to get on with her.

This is her getting ready to go on a bike ride.

My mom got some coats for Olivia and we were trying them on.

She loves this one!

She wanted to leave it on even though it was still summer.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

This is probably one of my most favorite things in this world. I have been without it for a while because we can't find any stores that sell it other than the Commissary on military bases. I loved this stuff so much my mom would mail it to me while I was in school in Idaho. I finally ran out of the stash she had sent me and have been missing it for several months. Well my family took a trip to Hill Air Force Base and my mom bought me the biggest bottle she could find. I pretty much hugged the bottle when she gave it to me. Crazy I know but I love this seasoning! Thanks Mom!

Olivia drinking her Jello. She was such a mess by the time she was done but at least she enojoyed it.

Tristan loves this little green guy. He's a slow sign that a family has in their front yard and Tristan always says "look there's Astro Boy!" I don't know why he calls him that, maybe it's the red hat.

Olivia trying to decide if she is really allowed to eat her cake. She dove into it right when we gave it to her and then a few of us yelled no because we wanted her to wait but we just ended up scaring her off. She eventually ate it.

This is the birthday cake I made for Olivia. It was a cake pan, I am not that creative, but it didn't take me as long as Tristan's did. It looked better in person, it looks dark in the picture.

This was Olivia's little "smash" cake. The butterflies were leftovers from Great Grandma Walkers birthday cake. We washed them off of course.

We ended up spending Olivia's actual birthday at Lagoon for Sharon's work Lagoon day. Lagoon was also celebrating their birthday as well so we had to get a picture under a huge Happy Birthday sign. It was a fun day and it ended with Olivia and Tristan falling asleep as Aaron and I held them on inner tubes in the lazy river.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


As some of you know I was doing Insanity work out video's with my family. My dad and I were the only one's left in the end. We are officially done. I have noticed a difference in my physic (?) but I must say that I am very happy to be done with it. It was, to not be cliche, insane. It is nice to sleep in again and not be so exhausted. I am taking a week off and then will resume other workouts of my choosing.
Our family is doing well. Tristan and Livvy are both back to sleeping through the night on a more consistent basis. They both love to be outside and playing and love the water. We have them signed up to take swimming lessons this summer so we will see how that goes. I am very excited as we are making it a family thing and are doing the "Mommy and Me" classes. I will be with Livvy and Aaron will be with Tristan.
We have been trying to attack our yard this summer and so far we have transplanted a few things and planted tomato plants and strawberries. We have seen some tomatoes starting and honestly I couldn't tell you exactly where my strawberry plants were even planted. We finally have aquired a weed whacker so that is helping our back yard to not look so scary. We look forward to getting our yard even managable right now it is in the "taming" stage. Good luck to everyone else out there with their yards.

Some Summer Fun

Enjoying the flowers at Aunt Shellie's.

Cooling off after a long day at the Zoo.

Playing in the ice bucket with Mckaylee.

Lounging under the picnic table with Mia.

Doing tricks at Great Grandma Walkers.

Mitch, Tristan and Livvy at Owen and Crissy's wedding.
I had to leave the ceremony because they were being too noisy!

C'mon Mike, give us a taste!

As I have said before, just give Livvy some food and she's bound to be friends with you.

She was actually on his shoes trying to get a taste!

We have had a good summer so far and look forward to so much more fun!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ok here a few pictures from the last few months. I did have more but I couldn't get them off my phone. For those who care I have finally gotten down to 142 and I am still working out about 4-6 days a week. It is hard but I am really loving working out, it really helps keep me happy through-out the day (mostly). We are all doing good and trying our best to stay well, Olivia did have another ear infection, but nothing else beyond that. I am wondering if I can handle another summer without air conditioning but I think we will do ok. We are planning on spending a lot of our time at Classic in their water park. Enjoy the pictures!

Nate and Olivia at the bowling alley. I think this
is one of my favorite pics of nate so far.

Nachelle is trying to have fat cheeks like Olivia.

This is one of Olivia's favorite places to be. She
reaches out and plays with the door and pulls the
cords out of the wall.

Sorry I couldn't flip the picture but this is our
awesome icicle we get right outside the front door.
If we left it I think it would have touched the
porch in no time! It was pretty scary to knock
down though!

Tristan was "helping" me make sugar cookies
for Christmas. He was putting sprinkles on his
cookies and then licking them off.

Tristan and Olivia in the tub playing with the
new letters he got for his birthday.

The second "chow" cake I made for Tristan's
3rd birthday. The first one acutally turned out
a lot better. He loved it and it was pretty fun
to make it for him.

Olivia and Great Grandpa at the bowling alley.
She is wearing Nates beanie.

Tristan put himself in this basket and before I
knew it he was asleep. He sneaks Olivia's binkies
and I find him asleep with them.

Mommy and Olivia at the bowling alley for my

Friday, February 4, 2011

Ok so after looking at my sister-in-law Shannen's blog I realized that I need to step it up here and post pictures. I am not doing pictures at this time but they will be coming later, after kids are asleep or being entertained by Aaron. So far within the last 2 months we have been sick with...a double ear infection and RSV(Olivia), croup(Tristan), pink eye(Olivia and Tristan), swine flu (everyone), swine flu again(Tristan), double ear infection and RSV again(Olivia). Needless to say that we are very tired, bored with being home, and poorer than even after Christmas after all that. I think that we have maxed out in every way possible and are hoping to very much be done with being sick. We spent our anniversary and new years in the Dr.'s office with Olivia and with Aaron in bed with swine flu as well. Yeah. We've only been to church once together since the new year. Great start huh? I do promise pictures. I have officially given myself a mission to get pictures up here of the latest things we are up to. To update on my working out. I have been working out for the last 3 weeks doing at least 3 days a week and no change. I do think I have lost 3 pounds but don't know for sure because I never really did all my measurements before I started. But I am now 144 and my waist is 37 1/2 in. and it should be (according to the Dr.'s trick) about 31 in. So I am hoping that if I get my diet in check then I should be able to loose a little more. We shall see. My goal is to be at 31 in. by the time we got to Bear Lake in July so I have 25 weeks to get it done. Roughly about 6 months. That's a lot of time I hope I can do it!
I am very excited about Aaron and Tristan's birthdays coming up and hope everything goes well. We shall see and I WILL post pictures!

Monday, January 24, 2011

So..... Happy New Year!

I know it's a bit late but it's still January and so I can still say Happy New Year. So far we have all been sick with Swine Flu over our anniversary and new years. We are all better but Olivia is still hanging onto that darn cough. Not much planned by way of goals this year. Basically the same as always just to them better or more often. I am doing great at my working out goal so far and I really hope to keep it up because I feel great after working out all last week. I guess I figure if I have someone to answer to then I will do better so I will keep you updated wether you all care or not. I worked out 4 times last week and I was really feeling the strain but it felt great and I can actually feel it in my abs, which c'mon we all want great abs right? So I am using my sore abs as my motivation for going week to week on working out because if they are sore then that means they are getting worked. I am pretty excited about it. We've also been rearranging the house a little, changed up some stuff in the basement and it's nice and roomy now. Aaron is getting back into school this summer hopefully to be on his way to his Bachelors. So I think that is all for now and we will see you all next month.