Sunday, November 21, 2010

Hello everyone. I am VERY new to this blogging business but I hope to get the hang of it. This has been a very busy year for our family. We had baby number 2, Olivia Nicole, and finally were able to buy a house! A lot of work was done on our house before we could move in but thank Heaven's for family, namely my uncle Brett and all the people he knows. We are pretty much settled and are enjoying our very own home. We still have some fixing up and finishing to do but we are good for right now. We are learning that work is never done when it comes to taking care of your home. But we do know that it is worth it. We love living so close to grandparents and family that we couldn't have asked for a more perfect home. We live about 3 blocks away from my grandparents and about 6 or 7 away from my parents and are about 10 minutes from Aaron's mom and his grandma. I know it sounds like an in-laws nightmare but it's actually really nice.
Olivia has brought such a sweet spirit into our home, as all babies do, and everyone just loves her, especially Tristan. She is adorable and is an awesome baby. She started sleeping through the night on her own at 2 months and that has made mom VERY happy. Tristan is almost 3 and is talking more than ever. He is really observant of peoples emotions and likes to point out whenever we are happy, sad or mad. He is so funny and so full of energy and is quite the daredevil. I don't think anything scares him.
Aaron and Nicole are still just Aaron and Nicole, nothing to update there except that thank goodness Aaron's beard was finally shaved off the night before we had Olivia.

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