Thursday, November 3, 2011


Olivia trying to be big and carry the pumpkins.

The animals at This is the Place kept trying to eat her tutu.

I didn't get a picture but the cow actually was chewing on it and I had to literally yank her away and a worker had to come and help get the cow to move away from us.

Her first pony tail!

She has the whole playground at the Zoo and this is what she chooses to play with.

We went to Thanksgiving Point to do some "digging" but the site was closed so we went to the ice cream shop instead.

Olivia is eating her ice cream cone with a spoon.

She kept going back and forth between the bowl and her cone.

In an egg at Hogle Zoo.

Olivia loves this spot.

We got this from our neighbor and still haven't done anything with it.

She loves that she can climb on it and it's her own space.

She will even fight Tristan off of it if he tries to get on with her.

This is her getting ready to go on a bike ride.

My mom got some coats for Olivia and we were trying them on.

She loves this one!

She wanted to leave it on even though it was still summer.

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