Friday, February 4, 2011

Ok so after looking at my sister-in-law Shannen's blog I realized that I need to step it up here and post pictures. I am not doing pictures at this time but they will be coming later, after kids are asleep or being entertained by Aaron. So far within the last 2 months we have been sick with...a double ear infection and RSV(Olivia), croup(Tristan), pink eye(Olivia and Tristan), swine flu (everyone), swine flu again(Tristan), double ear infection and RSV again(Olivia). Needless to say that we are very tired, bored with being home, and poorer than even after Christmas after all that. I think that we have maxed out in every way possible and are hoping to very much be done with being sick. We spent our anniversary and new years in the Dr.'s office with Olivia and with Aaron in bed with swine flu as well. Yeah. We've only been to church once together since the new year. Great start huh? I do promise pictures. I have officially given myself a mission to get pictures up here of the latest things we are up to. To update on my working out. I have been working out for the last 3 weeks doing at least 3 days a week and no change. I do think I have lost 3 pounds but don't know for sure because I never really did all my measurements before I started. But I am now 144 and my waist is 37 1/2 in. and it should be (according to the Dr.'s trick) about 31 in. So I am hoping that if I get my diet in check then I should be able to loose a little more. We shall see. My goal is to be at 31 in. by the time we got to Bear Lake in July so I have 25 weeks to get it done. Roughly about 6 months. That's a lot of time I hope I can do it!
I am very excited about Aaron and Tristan's birthdays coming up and hope everything goes well. We shall see and I WILL post pictures!

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  1. Yippee! I love updates and I can't wait for pictures. I started doing Zumba and LOVE it! With how much I sweat I should start losing weight big time! Here's hoping we both look good for Bear Lake!