Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Nate and Olivia at the bowling alley. I think this
is one of my favorite pics of nate so far.

Nachelle is trying to have fat cheeks like Olivia.

This is one of Olivia's favorite places to be. She
reaches out and plays with the door and pulls the
cords out of the wall.

Sorry I couldn't flip the picture but this is our
awesome icicle we get right outside the front door.
If we left it I think it would have touched the
porch in no time! It was pretty scary to knock
down though!

Tristan was "helping" me make sugar cookies
for Christmas. He was putting sprinkles on his
cookies and then licking them off.

Tristan and Olivia in the tub playing with the
new letters he got for his birthday.

The second "chow" cake I made for Tristan's
3rd birthday. The first one acutally turned out
a lot better. He loved it and it was pretty fun
to make it for him.

Olivia and Great Grandpa at the bowling alley.
She is wearing Nates beanie.

Tristan put himself in this basket and before I
knew it he was asleep. He sneaks Olivia's binkies
and I find him asleep with them.

Mommy and Olivia at the bowling alley for my

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